How to make your own gift baskets

Gift Baskets

Personalized Gift Baskets make wonderful Christmas gifts and great presents for other occasions too. Creating attractive, custom gift baskets is actually quite easy and fun. A customized gift basket shows that you not only care enough to create a personalized present, but also allows you to hand pick the items to suit the recipient and to set your own budget.


Gift basket supplies can easily be found at your local craft store.
  • Florist foam
  • Craft knife (for cutting florists foam – almost any knife will work)
  • Wooden craft sticks (wooden cooking skewers available at grocery stores will also work)
  • Scissors
  • Clear packing tape
  • Raffia or other filler
  • Gift items (visit Gift Basket Themes for ideas)
  • Gift basket: Don't feel limited to using only wicker baskets... plastic buckets, cooking pots, small laundry baskets, large bowls, canvas bags, tool boxes, ceramic plant pots and other items can be used as containers and can even match the theme of your gift basket.
  • Cellophane, fabric netting or shrink wrap, if desired
  • Decorative ribbon or bow


  1. Cut florist foam to fill the bottom of your basket or container. This will raise the height of your gifts and allow you to securely position them.
  2. Tape wooden craft stick to the back of each gift item. Cut sticks if necessary, leaving enough of the stick to push into the florist foam to hold the item in place.
  3. Taller and larger gifts should be place towards the center and back with smaller items to the sides and front. Items placed on the sides can be angled outward slightly.
  4. Once all gifts are in place, cover florist foam with raffia or other decorative filler.
  5. If you will not be wrapping your basket, finish up with decorative ribbon or bow.
  6. Should you choose to wrap your basket, set your basket in the center of cellophane or fabric netting and gather up sides to the top of the basket then secure with decorative ribbon. If using shrink wrap, follow package instructions before attaching ribbon or bow.

Gift Basket Ideas

Ready to create your own personalized gift basket? Visit our Gift Basket Themes page for lots of great gift basket ideas!

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